Valuable Accessories

Fruit Basket
Makes a lasting good impression in your Kitchen !
Inch MM
12Dia x 15ht. 305 x 381
Glass Holder
Safest Way to Organize Glasses !
  Inch MM
Single 5x13x2.5 127x330x64
Double 8x13x2.5 203x330x64
Triple 12x13x2.5 305x330x64
Perfume Rack
Boon Touch to Wardrobe !
Inch MM
10x4x4 254x101x101
12x6x4 305x152x101
Bangle Rack
Organize Your Bangles in Modern Way !
Inch MM
10x4x4 254x101x101
12x6x4 305x152x101
Corners Utility - Single Corner
Inch MM
9x9x2.5 229x229x64
12x12x2.5 305x305x64
Corners Utility - Double Corner
Inch MM
9x9x18 229x229x64
12x12x17 305x305x64
Right Rack - Single
Inch MM
12x4x4 127x330x64
12x6x4 203x330x64
12x8x4 305x330x64
16x4x4 406x101x101
16x6x4 406x152x101
16x8x4 406x203x101
Right Rack - Double
Inch MM
12x(4+4)x17 305x(101+101)x432
12x(6+6)x17 305x(152+152)x432
16x(4+4)x17 406x(101+101)x432
16x(6+6)x17 406x(152+152)x432
Use Me Basket (Garbage)
Helps in keeping your kitchen neat, clean and spick & span !
Inch MM
12x14x10 305x355x254